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Palmdale, the Crown Jewel of the Antelope Valley, is located in North LA County, less than an hour from studios and production support service in the LA basin.  Palmdale has provided Hollywood with scenic and diverse locations since the earliest days of Hollywood in what is referred to as the silent film era of filmmaking. It has portrayed the Holy land for biblical epics, the Wild West for countless Westerns, and even landscapes for sci-fi classics. A multitude of blockbuster movies and streaming television shows have had key scenes filmed here in Palmdale.

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TMZ (Thirty Mile "Studio"  Zone)

Palmdale enjoys the unique distinction  of  being located  within  the  State Film Office's Secondary Zone, which  adds an additional Ten Miles to the traditional  TMZ (Thirty Minute "Studio" Zone). 

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Our location is coming soon in 2023!


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